Dwarf Red Powder Puff - NEW PLANT!

eBay is a good source for just about anything, even live tropical plants shipped to your door. I wanted to find something rare and unusual, and the Dwarf Red Powder Puff plant fit the bill. I've never seen anything like it. It's a drought tolerant flowering shrub that can be maintained in a container or directly planted on landscape. The prolific buds look like clusters of small red berries and they seem to pop the next day into puffy balls. It's a unique flower that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. I've only had the plant for about a week and it's already blooming like crazy so I think it's a real winner for our garden. It's fun, interesting, and easy to grow!
 photo 9D0EA4E6-500F-4872-BA63-0FE75FC02217_zpscbo3y6d6.jpg

 photo 32C07566-78B2-4005-8DCB-651207E3CA35_zpskjgjnd8z.jpg

 photo F75EEABB-D491-4FA5-A3FE-D9907233253F_zpsqnmmmqxq.jpg

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