Hibiscus rosa-sinensis from seed

In late July, I purchased some hybrid tropical hibiscus seed on eBay. The seller shipped them from Australia, which makes them even more special. On eBay, it is normal for auctions to sell hybrid tropical hibiscus seed in lots of only 5 seeds, and they will usually name the Pod parent and Pollen parent.

Today I sowed 3 seeds from two different hybrid crosses

Tigerama X Bali Sunset
Rosalind X Dragons Breath

Preparing Seed for Planting:
Before planting, you want to nick the seed coat with a razor blade to speed up germination and prevent rotting. Do not nick the seed on the tapered end, where the root first emerges upon germination, as this will damage the seed. Always nick the seed on the rounded side (opposite side of tapered end).

Seed Starting Media & Sowing Instructions:
Always use a sterile media for starting hibiscus seeds, this again prevents the seed from rotting during germination. I recommend Jiffy Seed Starting mix as a good starting media. I also used Jiffy Peat Pots and had excellent germination rates. Seeds should be planted 1/4" deep and should germinate in about a week as long as temperatures are around 80 to 85° F. When you plant the seeds, don't overwater them. Misting with a spray bottle works really well. The soil should only be damp, not soggy and wet.