30th Monarch Milestone

Today marks a milestone in my personal monarch butterfly release. I set free a female and male monarch this afternoon and watched them fly gracefully into some tree cover. The male monarch emerged today and was the 30th successful monarch I've raised this year from caterpillar to butterfly. It's been alot of work, but I'm happy with this accomplishment so far. Proud that I can help the Monarch species, especially if they continue to visit our butterfly garden this year.

The local Monarchs are still laying eggs on the milkweed. The weather is still hot and humid, with a few spotty showers in the late afternoons. There's no shortage of milkweed in our yard either, with about 10 healthy plants providing enough food for the amount of caterpillars I'm rearing.

On another non-gardening note, last night I caught a 3 lb. channel catfish off the St. Johns river bank. It's my personal best so far. =)