Photo Journal 5/11/2010

Growth has been pretty fast, with only a few minor issues with pests. Had a few aphids attacking an Ornamental Pepper seedling but I took them out with a soapy spray. Also had some thrips attacking Hibiscus bloooms, Plumeria leaves, and Zinnia. They were causing hibiscus blooms to drop prematurely. I took care of this with a couple treatments of Green Light Spinosad spray and now they're gone. Here's a photo gallery of pictures I took today around the garden...

A Mothers Day Lily for someone special

Hibiscus with double blooms

Datura metel 'Purple Trumpet'

Gator Magic, Dancing Fire, and Cosmic Dancer hibiscus

Ornamental pepper seedling

Cody's workshop from Lowe's & HomeDepot

Cody's bird feeder he made @ Lowe's. The doves love it!

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