It's warm outside! update....

I stopped by Lowes yesterday and browsed their plants, which looked really good. They had several varieties of pepper and tomato as usual. I purchased a Husky Cherry Red tomato plant. These hybrid tomatoes only get 1" wide, the perfect bite size tomato. Also purchased a Yummy Bell Petite bell pepper plant. First time growing both varieties. Both plants will be potted in 5 gallon containers with Jungle Growth Flower & Vegetable soil mix.

The next thing I wanted to talk about is fertilizer. Dyna Gro makes some great fertilizers that are hard to find, I had to purchase mine from Amazon and eBay. Dyna Gro contains all essential trace elements not commonly found in most commercial fertilizers like Miracle-Gro. Products like Miracle-Gro can also burn the roots of your plants from excess salt, however, this is not the case with Dyna Gro. So I'm switching my fertilizer brand this year. I got some Dyna Gro Liquid Grow (7-9-5) for my veggies and some Dyna Gro Foliage Pro (9-3-6) for my flowers. From my research, this brand is HIGHLY recommended.

And finially, I wanted to share some pictures of a few plants I had success over-wintering through one of the coldest winters in Florida history. These container plants were started from seed around July/August 2009. Enjoy!

Stavros Italian Peppercini

Datura metel "Double Purple" Trumpet

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